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Top 5 Nonprofit Websites of 2019: The Power of Influencers

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2. UN Environment: Wild for Life Campaign

Influencers and technology helped the UN Environment’s campaign reach over 1 billion people and engage over 5 million on social media, making it UN Environment’s most successful campaign ever.

Influencers helped the UN Environment's campaign reach over 1 billion people

Wild for Life won a 2019 Webby for Good Award.

“The Illegal Trade in Wildlife is driving species to the brink of extinction. This is the movement that will end it. And you have a simple but powerful role to play. By creating a powerful personal connection between the public and endangered species, we can activate millions of people to lend their voice to fight the Illegal Trade in Wildlife.

  1. The issue is complex and so are the causes, impacts and solutions, so many people don’t understand it.
  2. For most people this is something that happens far away so it doesn’t feel relevant.
  3. It feels like these species are doomed. People have heard negative stories about extinction for decades and nothing seems to have got better.
  4. This is a big international problem involving really bad people. So, people feel powerless.

We knew we needed to find an idea that made the issue simple and personally relevant whilst making people feel like this is a battle that we can win and that they had a meaningful part to play. We were inspired by two big international news stories – Cecil the Lion and Satao the Elephant. We asked ourselves why they were such big news when the poaching and hunting of endangered species isn’t new, it’s been happening for a long time?” — UN Environment

Our Thoughts

The campaign embraces the power of technology and influencers like Gisele Bündchen, Ian Somerhalder and Neymar Jr. to invite individuals to join forces to protect wildlife in three easy steps:

  1. Take a quiz to find your kindred species.
  2. Use the app to take a Selfie and create a collage of your photo and your kindred species.
  3. Post the photo to show your support and protection.

The innovative use of technology can empower people and help break a common misconception that complex problems can not be solved by efforts of individuals.

Recognizing the Power of Influencers

“According to the 2019 Influencer Marketing Survey from Rakuten Marketing, online influencers have real effect on U.S. consumer purchase decisions, with men as an unlikely target audience. However, U.S. consumers value authenticity and true brand advocacy when it comes to influencers.

Globally, Instagram is the most commonly used platform in use among consumers when viewing influencer content. Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat are not far behind with their numbers continuing to grow.” — CSA

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