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Top 5 Nonprofit Websites of 2019: Building Trust and Transparency

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3. Doctors Without Borders

Building trust with your supporters is an ongoing effort that is essential for developing your organization’s brand recognition. Founded in 1991, Doctors Without Borders / Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) works in over 70 countries. It provides “medical aid where it’s needed most—independent, neutral, impartial.” – Doctors Without Borders

Top Nonprofit Websites -- Doctors without Borders

The impact

According to Charity Intelligence Canada, in F2018, MSF conducted 104,700 major surgeries and treated 2,396,200 cases of malaria and 63,700 cases of cholera. In response to the conflict in Yemen, MSF treated 16,000 people with war-related injuries and 150 people wounded by land mines in F2018. In response to the Gaza-Palestine conflict, MSF performed over 3,000 major surgical interventions in F2018, compared with 400 in F2017. In response to the Ebola outbreak in the DRC, MSF admitted 2,800 people to Ebola treatment centers of whom 450 were confirmed cases.

Our Thoughts

The MSF’s website is an excellent example of work done well. Every aspect of the website including information architecture, navigation, content flow, branding and visual design has been thoroughly studied, measured and tested to deliver the ultimate user experience. The streamlined donation experience deserves a spotlight. Mobile and desktop landing pages include specific layouts, graphics, and messaging to maximize donations. One-time, monthly and corporate donations are accepted along with customized e-card and postcard acknowledgements.

Transparency, Accountability and Trust

Building trust with your supporters is an ongoing process. For many high-impact organizations, transparency and accountability are essential components of their brand recognition. Make sure your organization’s website provides an easy access to annual reports, financial statements, transparency badges, and clearly communicates organizational values and commitment.

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