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Top 5 Nonprofit Websites to inspire and learn from in 2019

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Nonprofit websites are powerful tools for telling stories and engaging volunteers and supporters. Incoherent messaging and poor donation experience result in lost opportunity. Here’s our list of top 5 nonprofit websites that provide ultimate user experience.

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1. Planned Parenthood’s Unstoppable Campaign

If your organization is counting on your website to support and advance its goals, make sure your messaging and content strategy come together to inspire, engage and motivate your target audiences to take action.

Top Nonprofit Websites -- Unstoppable by Planned Parenthood

The Campaign won a 2019 Webby for Good Award.

“Launched ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, Unstoppable was designed to activate new accomplices in the movement to protect and expand reproductive rights, while raising awareness around intersecting issues such as systemic racism, income inequality, and sexual assault and harassment.

In early 2018, with movements like #MeToo igniting powerful conversations nationwide, women were in the spotlight. While polls showed a growing hunger for change, at the same time, many young women reported barriers to political engagement—namely, insufficient information and alienation from peers. Planned Parenthood already had a viral message. What they needed next was an organized campaign to build knowledge, agency, and solidarity.” — Unstoppable by Planned Parenthood

Our Thoughts

The website is built with a mobile-first mindset. It integrates neatly with Instagram and Twitter to promote the #WeAreUnstoppable hashtag and its Spanish variation: #Invensibles on social media reaching out to both English and Spanish-speaking communities. The content is organized around six main issues: (1) Support for parents and caregivers, (2) LGBTQ rights, (3) Health care accessibility, (4) Sexual assault and harassment, (5) Equal pay, and (6) Reproductive rights. This approach proved to be effective as it provided a low entry barrier for the diverse audiences of Planned Parenthood, and helped turn the website visitors into activists by encouraging them to take simple actions such as ‘sign the manifesto’, ‘donate’, or ‘use the hashtag’.

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