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Nonprofit Website Design Services, The Peace Studio Website Design project

We design nonprofit websites and digital experiences that effectively communicate your organization’s mission, engage your audience, and drive meaningful impact. Our team has nearly a decade of expertise in designing, building and scaling websites for nonprofits of all sizes. We build everything from landing pages to membership websites to learning platforms to microsites for fundraising campaigns.

Our Approach to Website Design

Nonprofit Website Design Services

Having successfully launched over 200 nonprofit websites, we’ve cultivated a mindset of becoming an integral part of your organization for the entire duration of the project. We prioritize communications, embrace change, and respect your budget and timelines.

In most cases, we adhere to a hybrid model that combines both Scrum and traditional Waterfall methodologies. Our nonprofit website design projects follow an iterative process that always starts with comprehensive discovery and planning. During the discovery phase, we will learn as much as we can about your organization, its mission and goals. This early-stage planning helps foresee and eliminate uncertainties and risks associated with complex projects to ensure a smooth roll-out and delivery.

– Brand & Messaging Review
– Short & Long-term Goal Clarification
– Audience Review

– Content Audit & Mapping
– User Research
– Site Maps
– User-flows

– Branding & Visual Design
– User Experience Design
– Usability Testing
– Design Refinement

– Design Implementation
– Custom Development & Integration
– Content Migration
– Documentation

– Design Testing
– Functionality Testing
– Device & Browser Compatibility

– Analytics & SEO Tools
– On-page SEO
– Off-page SEO

– Website Deployment
– Email Configuration
– Security Hardening

– PDF Guidelines
– Video Tutorials
– Staff Training

Our Client's Experience

Verified Web Design Services Reviews

"Art-Bridge and Limit8 design! It was great working with Yelena and Limit8, she's super detail oriented and on top her to-do list! The team constantly over-delivered too! The new site looks great and would work with Yelena and LIMIT8 again."

LIMIT8 has a decade of experience in designing, marketing and scaling websites for nonprofits of all sizes. We have built more than 200 nonprofit websites. Reach out and discover how we can partner to achieve your organization’s mission-driven goals.

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