Nonprofit Branding Services

Serving Nonprofits Since 2015

Our branding services extend beyond just a logo or a catchy slogan design. We believe that branding encompasses the entire experience that people have with a brand – from the visual elements like colors and typography to the emotional connection created through storytelling and messaging.

Our Approach to Branding

Nonprofit Branding Services

We develop brand identities and comprehensive brand communication systems that encompass all the channels and touch-points where a brand engages with its audience, both online and offline. From fundraising campaigns to social media posts, from customer service interactions to the design of physical spaces, every interaction with the brand is an opportunity to reinforce its identity and values. We can help your organization with:

– Slide Decks

– Fundraising Communications

 – Social Media Systems

– Annual Reports

– Maps & Data Visualization

Our Client's Experience

Verified Web Design Services Reviews

"Art-Bridge and Limit8 design! It was great working with Yelena and Limit8, she's super detail oriented and on top her to-do list! The team constantly over-delivered too! The new site looks great and would work with Yelena and LIMIT8 again."

Ready to elevate your organization’s digital presence?

LIMIT8 has a decade of experience in designing, marketing and scaling websites for nonprofits of all sizes. We have built more than 200 nonprofit websites. Reach out and discover how we can partner to achieve your organization’s mission-driven goals.

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