Meet us at the 2016 NTC WordPress Day

2016 NTC WordPress Day in San Jose, California

We are very excited to participate at the 2016 NTC WordPress Day in San José.

It is going to be spectacular:

  • 18 amazing sessions focusing on the specific needs of nonprofit technology workers.
  • 3 tracks focused on WordPress Administrators, Web Developers, and Online Strategists and Organizational Management.
  • A Happiness Bar featuring WordPress experts just waiting to answer questions, lend support, and teach WordPress website essentials.
  • Happy Hour at Billy Berk’s to celebrate an amazing day!
  • 200 nonprofit attendees sharing WordPress tips and tricks.

Yelena Lowenfeld, LIMIT8, will talk about Easy Ways to Collect Donations. This presentation provides overview of recent trends and mainstream practices to collect donations: mobile fundraising, optimizing your website and your donation page for mobile devices; Crowdfunding versus Peer-to-Peer fundraising. Why are some organizations doing great and others not so well? What goes wrong and why. Benefits of accepting Bitcoin Donations.

Download the entire presentation. Download

Other session topics include:
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