“Good Vibes” — Our Collaboration with New Design High School

New Design High School, website by LIMIT8

When the School Principal, Dr. Scott Conti, described the public school he founded in 2003  as: “Not just a high school, it’s good vibes”, we got intrigued.

The school took over the fourth floor of 350 Grand Street, formally home to Seward Park High School. New Design’s founders transformed the space and turned its rooftop into a 15000 feet exhibition site where legends of urban art come together to create an outdoor museum space to celebrate various mediums of art and popular culture.

New Design High School provides a nurturing environment that combines the highest-quality educational experience with the creative approach to helping students develop problem-solving, critical thinking and social-emotional skills. They call it a “Youth Development Shop”. This combined effort by parents, teachers, administrators, social workers, counselors, and Special Education Support specialists has come to fruition.

We congratulate the graduates 2019, their teachers and parents! “Good Vibes” and good luck with your future endeavors!
We enjoyed our collaboration with the New Design leadership revamping the School’s website.

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