Customer Notification: HURRICANE IRENE

As you may know, Hurricane Irene, the first Hurricane to threaten the North East in quite a few years, is currently projected to produce 100 mph winds in New Jersey, and New York at some point this weekend.  Irene has the potential to be a serious and multi-hazard threat for the major metropolitan areas of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.  This hurricane has the potential to produce flooding rains, high winds, downed trees (on houses, cars, power lines) and widespread power outages.

We have taken all of the necessary precautions to prepare for this potential disaster: backed up hosted client websites, and protected our in-house equipment. We also checked with our dedicated hosting server provider on the measures undertaken to protect the hosting server. They replied that generators have been tested and fuel levels have been verified.  Backup fuel has been secured and moved to a safe site, close to our location, in the event of extended power interruption.  Arrangements have been made to make sure extra staff are available on site and they have additional staff local to the facility on standby if needed.  They have also verified all outdoor equipment is secure and the roof is free of any debris that could potentially get picked up by the wind.

We are confident in our preparations and our ability to provide you the outstanding service you have come to expect from us, even in the event of a major natural disaster.

Stay safe and dry,  Team of LIMIT8

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