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Our website design process is streamlined for building websites and experiences that communicate your organization’s mission, raise awareness around your cause, and grow your support base.

In most cases, we will adhere to a hybrid model that combines both Scrum and traditional Waterfall methodologies for the product  design and development.

The project will be split in phases and each phase will run in sprints with each sprint having defined set of goals and preset timeline. We will hold regular project meetings with both the Project Manager and Product Owner (a representative from the organization’s side) in attendance. During these meetings, we will provide status updates and discuss next steps.

Phases of the Website Design Process

Phase 1:


During the discovery phase, we will learn as much as we can about your organization, its mission and goals. We will conduct interviews with your team and stakeholders, document details, and create a communication plan. The information we gather will inform user-flows, brand, content, and marketing strategies. This early-stage planning helps foresee and eliminate uncertainties and risk factors associated with complex projects to ensure a smooth roll-out and delivery.

Phase 2:


In parallel with the Discovery phase, we will begin the Design and Development Foundations phase. During this phase, we will define the plan and the systems we will use for our integrated design and development sprints. During this phase, we’ll conduct user research to define the features that will make up our development backlog. We’ll also combine Discovery phase findings with a content audit and visual audit that will define the information architecture, taxonomy, and design improvements that will also live in the backlog. During this time, we will finalize a preliminary style guide, a sprint plan, and a product roadmap, as well as set up the technical infrastructure necessary to begin development work.

Phase 3:


We will put the Discovery phase recommendations into action during the sprint cycle. Each sprint begins with a requirements workshop to define the features and enhancements to be developed in a sprint. These requirements will be later translated into designs that the organization’s team will review and provide their feedback. We will then incorporate the agreed upon feedback into the designs. These designs will be further translated into fully functional code by our developers. At the end of each sprint, we will conduct demonstration sessions.

Phase 4:


Our goal is to ensure your team can manage your organization’s website independently. We will lead training sessions for your team using teleconferencing and screen-sharing tools to cover most important aspects of the website’s administrative system. We’ll also provide all relevant documentation created during the project life cycle.

Phase 5:


We will work closely with your team to ensure a smooth launch including a scaled down and a full-featured versions of the site. We’ll also plan for a rollback as a contingency if something goes wrong and we are unable to launch as planned. Our goal is to ensure that the website goes live as scheduled.

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