Nonprofit Web Design Experts

Website Design Process

Our website design process is streamlined for building websites and experiences that communicate your organization’s mission, raise awareness around your cause, and grow your support base.


During the discovery phase, we will learn as much as we can about your organization, its mission and goals. We will conduct interviews with your team and stakeholders, document details, and create a communication plan. The information we gather will inform user-flows, brand, content, and marketing strategies. This early-stage planning helps foresee and eliminate uncertainties and risk factors associated with complex projects to ensure a smooth roll-out and delivery.


We start off by conducting extensive user research and a content audit. In close collaboration with your team, we’ll revise all existing copy to make sure there are no outdated or duplicated content, and it’s organized in a simple and intuitive way. The best websites are created with a keen understanding of user intent, needs and expectations. Content, visual design and navigation should all work together to allow visitors to find key information and complete critical tasks quickly and efficiently.

Phase 3: DESIGN

To create engaging content-driven user experience that reinforces your organization’s message and allows for meaningful yet simple user interactions with each element on the website, we will first need to build a prototype. A prototype is the skeletal framework of every page of the future website that is informed by the new Information Architecture. We will then identify usability scenarios and conduct usability testing to reveal how real users experience the new website.


Our preferred platform to build websites is WordPress. However, for more complex projects when functionality requirements extend well beyond the WordPress toolbox, we offer custom development and integration with third-party software and APIs. Most common integrations include SalesForce, HubSpot, ConstantContact, Eventbrite, QGive, Give Lively, and other platforms.


Thorough testing is an integral part of our approach to website development and one of the final phases. We test the Internet-based systems we develop for browser compatibility, HTML syntax and CSS validation, and functional operation and accuracy. We use a multi-layer quality assurance (QA) process. Quality assurance is an important step in the project process. Our experience and expertise allow us to deliver polished product at any stage of the project development.


Whether you hire us for ongoing website optimization and marketing services or not, we make sure your organization’s website is equipped with analytics, tracking and visualization tools, has no broken links or missing tags, and is fully optimized for organic search.


Our goal is to ensure your team can manage your organization’s website independently. We will lead training sessions for your team using teleconferencing and screen-sharing tools to cover most important aspects of the website’s administrative system. We’ll also provide all relevant documentation created or utilized above and beyond the standard modules upon website’s launch.


We will work closely with your team to ensure a smooth launch including a scaled down and a full-featured versions of the site. We’ll also plan for a rollback as a contingency if something goes wrong and we are unable to launch as planned. Our goal is to ensure that the website goes live and as scheduled.

Technology Stack

We use select technology solutions by globally recognized technology leaders to provide our nonprofit clients with the highest quality solutions and services.

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