Forbes: 13 Tech Trends Emerging In The Nonprofit Sector This Year

Forbes Nonprofit Council

Read the insights from Forbes Nonprofit Council leaders as they share the most prominent tech trends they expect to dominate the nonprofit sector in 2021.

Source: Forbes

A few trends from the list got our attention and we hope your organization will find it worth checking out.

1. Increased Use Of Multimedia Storytelling

Multimedia storytelling, like video and podcasts, will become more valuable than ever. Nonprofits need to produce stories that engage and move audiences as more and more content will continue to flood the internet, creating additional noise. According to Cisco, 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be video by 2021. 

Arabella DeLucco, WeXL Org

2. Rise Of Geofencing

Geofencing, a digital technology that targets a geographic area up to 300 feet, is becoming more important. For example, we can reach parishioners at church on Sundays by geofencing them. This means we can place an ad on their phone for 30 days because they walked into the church. I have been leveraging geofencing for seven years—it is cost-effective and targeted. – Nancy Padberg, Catholic Education Arizona

8. Growing Use Of Clubhouse

I believe many nonprofits will find benefit in creating conversations around their mission on Clubhouse, an emerging and highly engaging social media app that is voice-based and is all about real-time conversations. I see many intriguing new conversations occurring that raise our collective consciousness as humans to so many issues. – Guneeta Singh Bhalla, The 1947 Partition Archive.

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