Website Redesign for Townspeople

Since 1984, Townspeople, a San Diego community-based nonprofit organization, has been a trusted ally and lifeline for those facing homelessness and living with HIV/AIDS or other medical vulnerabilities. Their vision is to end homelessness and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

Nonprofit Web Design - Melissa Peterman, Executive Director at Townspeople

Working with LIMIT8 exceeded all our expectations!

What impressed me the most was how the team actively listened to our feedback. LIMIT8’s ability to incorporate our ideas while providing expert guidance ensured the final product truly reflects our vision.

Overall, LIMIT8’s speed, top-notch design skills, and responsiveness to our feedback resulted in a website we are incredibly proud of. I recommend their services to anyone needing a skilled and dedicated web developer. Without a doubt, they have added tremendous value to our organization!

Melissa Peterman, Executive Director

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