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Launched in the aftermath of the January 12, 2010 earthquake, Economic Stimulus Projects for Work and Action (ESPWA) is a Haitian‐led international initiative working on building the long‐term capacity of Haitian organizations and Haiti.

While Haiti was still recovering from the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake, it got hit again by Hurricane Matthew, the first Category 4 Hurricane to impact Haiti in over 50 years that ravaged the Southern Region of Haiti. Communication remained challenging with the staff, Board and volunteers all spread across post-Mathew’s Haiti and the US. The new website provides a unified platform for volunteers, donors and supporters, community leaders, media, and International Relief organizations.

It’s a heartfelt project. We are so grateful to the ESPWA Haiti’s leadership: Marie-Rose Romain Murphy, Interim President; Judith Laguerre, Board Member; and Joyce Mathon Trotman, Treasurer for doing impossible under the circumstance — gathering data and content, and providing feedback during these trying times. This project will not be possible without their collaboration and input.

Results: 250 % increase in online donations and volunteer engagement.

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