Web Design Case Study: Defending the Early Years, designed by web design experts at LIMIT8 Design

Defending the Early Years (DEY) is a non-profit organization working for a just, equitable, and quality early childhood education for every young child. DEY advocates for strong economic and social safety nets for all children because equitable education can only occur when society meets children’s basic needs for whole health and well-being.

Founded in 2012 by experts in the field of early childhood education, Dr. Nancy Carlsson-Paige and Dr. Diane Levin, and steered by a National Advisory Board, DEY advocates for active, developmentally appropriate, play-based approaches to learning.

LIMIT8 outlined brand and content strategy, and provided content migration from a proprietary platform to WordPress. We completely redesigned the DEY’s website and created a user experience that is clean, modern, engaging, and aligned with the DEY’s mission and brand.

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