Defending the Early Years, website by LIMIT8

Understanding the Audience

We identified the following audience groups:

  • Early Childhood Teachers and Administrators;
  • Parents/Caregivers;
  • Teachers in training;
  • Teacher Educators;
  • Decision Makers/Policy Makers.

The next step was to map the types of content each group would most likely be interested in and imagine their journey through the website.

Aligning the Goals

One of the many challenges we faced was to re-structure the content and create a new information architecture so the website visitors didn’t get overwhelmed by the sheer wealth of information. On the other hand, we needed to make sure the most important content was easily accessible.

We started off by analyzing the home page and quickly identified a number of issues such as the inefficient static header with no call-to-action elements, the poorly structured and crammed primary navigation menu, the donate button jammed between the header and the content block below it. Also the footer navigation was completely missing while the cornerstone content — DEY publications — was placed at the bottom of the page.

Home Page Before
Defending the Early Years website before the redesign by LIMIT8 Design
Crammed Primary Navigation
Static Header
Jammed Donate Button
Inefficient Primary Content Display
Content Highlights
Missing Footer Navigation

Finding Solutions

We had completely re-envisioned the user experience and implemented a new information architecture to allow for immediate access to DEY’s publications, activist’s tools and actions, blogs, DEY news and press coverage. We created a streamlined donation page, placed a Donate link prominently on the top navigation bar, and turned the static header into a dynamic slideshow with call-to-action buttons. The use of dynamic content blocks to organize News, Reports, DEY Actions, Blogs and Publications within the page allowed us to present the content in a clean and visually appealing way, and also eliminated the need for manual updates. We took a creative approach to presenting a 34-page long DEY’s brochure and transformed it into a dynamic information block that provides a brief look at DEY’s history.

Home Page After
Defending the Early Years website the redesign by LIMIT8 Design

Streamlined Donation Process

Responsive interface design ensures the donation form is fully accessible on mobile devices and tablets.

Streamlined mobile-first donation page